Route to the Viciosa Convent

It is the most traveled and appreciated route by hikers and heritage lovers, who find in this route the satisfaction of their interests.

The experience can be shared with the whole family, it is for children and adults. The low difficulty allows everyone to do it. The route has many points of interest: small livestock farms on our way will attract our attention, because we will have the animals very close, also family olive groves, endless pastures of oaks ….

The season will determine the landscape, they all have their appeal, so the opportunity can be any day. The hermitage of the saint first and the convent later will put the spectacular nature of a great ruin between a mountain that traps and envelops it. The stories of its construction and the life in these places are the addition for us to imagine much more than what we see. The only thing left to do is to go back.



Ruta al Convento de la Viciosa
12 kms
3 horas