September 11. Feast of Christ

The faithful of the region have a special veneration for the Cristo del Desamparo. During the year, the Christ remains in a lateral altar of the temple, until some years ago it was permanently covered by a curtain that was only lifted during some religious celebrations or when some devotee or tourist arrives from a distant place to visit the devout image.

The image of the Cristo del Desamparo, unlike many others in Spain, does not go out in procession. It is only taken out in rogation when there is a drought.

A local legend says that on March 9, 1949 there was a drought, the image of the Cristo del Desamparo was taken out to ask for water, and it began to rain torrentially during the procession. On this occasion, despite the appearance of dry weather that did not augur rain, the sky suddenly became overcast and a tremendous downpour fell, soaking the parched earth.


The Christ, who is venerated and is the subject of coplas to ask for water, has an indisputable popular origin and there is no lack of mystical considerations and figures accepted by the whole Christian world. Supplication is the essence of these quatrains, sprinkled with faith, that
testify to the relevant religious spirit of the inhabitants of the Villa.

In the couplets there are frequent allusions to the Virgin of the Rosary and also mention is made of the Sacred Heart, the Immaculate Conception, Saint Joseph, Saint Anthony, Saint Rita, Saint John the Evangelist and Saint Sebastian.