Almonte River

One of the hallmarks of half of the province of Cáceres. It rises in Geosite No. 1 of the Geopark, in the Risco de la Villuercas and flows into the Tagus, between Cáceres and Plasencia, after crossing almost one hundred kilometers of peneplain.

In its path, it has been excavating a ditch of remarkable dimensions. It appears to be embedded, forming meanders that circumvent the hardest areas of the land.

The environmental richness of the environment is very special. It adds a good number of attractions that we can enjoy in first person. The forest of the river, the small mammals or amphibians that live in the environment, the birds that look for nests or food… Everything is at our hand if we make an observation in which we pass unnoticed for the rest of living beings.

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