Naharro Mill

When the valley opens up, there are spaces left for the use of the current. There are some meadows that are seasonally planted, there are small dams, but above all there are mills.

The Molino del Almonte is quite ruined, almost all of its walls have fallen down. But it maintains the structure of the main parts that can make us understand the whole logic of this industry.

In this we can see how a channel brought the water, if we follow it we will arrive at the dam that diverted part of the course of the river. In the mill itself, the inlet mouth can be seen, and how it becomes smaller as it descends, giving extra pressure to the current. Part of the machinery and the drainage mouth where the bulk of the machinery was located remain.

The observation should be done from a distance, not entering the ruins and contemplating the elements without risk. The river is very close and the attractions of the visit are multiple.

Río Almonte
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