San Pedro de Alcántara Chapel

Its construction is attributed to St. Peter of Alcantara, the chronicles of the Franciscan order tell us how St. Peter of Alcantara liked the convent of the next vicious

They say that he built himself a small chapel which he wanted to be called Our Lady of Bethlehem, in which he expressed the mystery of the nativity of Christ and was adorned with revelations and other natural gifts from heaven.”

Cerca del Convento
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Fuerte bóveda

Little can we suspect that it is a hermitage with a lot of history, since also its ruin is remarkable and the vegetable blanket that surrounds it makes it almost imperceptible. but when we approached it, we immediately noticed the power of the walls and the great vault that closes the whole as a chest that holds a great treasure.

It is mainly made of slate stones, a large porsche stands out, almost destroyed, also the thick buttresses and if we have the opportunity to see the interior, we will realize the robustness of the building. small but very strong. A vault closes the roof and gives consistency to the whole.

This has other buildings attached to it that seem to have a little less history than the small hermitage. Buildings that have served multiple and varied uses.

As the Augustinian Fathers used to say, we are “between valleys and mountains, with no place to turn our eyes that does not give reason for divine praise”. This speaks to us of the impressive nature that surrounds us; at a glance we see very varied ecosystems that radically change the ways of life. a very unique nature and appreciated by naturalists from all over the world, we remember that we are in an area of union between the villuercas ibores Jara geopark and the monfragüe national park biosphere reserve.

Returning to the hermitage, we see how other door and window openings were opened later, but originally they were not there.