Deleitosa Iberian Hams and Sausages

The breeze is almost permanent all year round. Pure oils refined by millions of oak trees make possible the optimal curing for the production of excellent products that compete in all markets for their quality, and also for an excellent price.

This presence, together with its location at the edge of the most intricate and high mountain systems, provides mountain weather with lower humidity.

En las entradas de la población y en la autovía.
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Monday to Saturday

Our people have created a modern industry, adapted to the times, complying with strict sanitary controls, offering their products on the web…..

Everything under the watchful eye of our grandparents, who taught us how to choose the best dehesas, choose the breeds that could best live on the land… Then, the best artisan practices in the stewing and curing of true Iberian delicacies that compete in price and quality.

So far there are three companies that put the name of Deleitosa in the world, giving an excellent service with their own productions. In addition to Iberian hams and sausages, they have a wide range of fresh meats.