Fuente de la Bodega

It is located in a unique area due to its environmental protection and the geological distinction of its spaces. It is the only point where the Monfragüe National Park reserve coincides with the Villuercas Ibores Jara Geopark. Such originality is not in vain, since this area preserves ancestral forests of oaks and junipers on the summits, chestnut trees on the middle slopes of the mountain and pine and eucalyptus reforestations. nothing is missing in this beautiful corner.

The fountain of the Bodega has a constant, lively stream of crystal-clear water. The surrounding area is finished in stone. A little further up from the fountain there is a concrete path that goes down to the river.

Next will be the construction of the well-known Bodega. We have to keep an eye out for a fig tree which hides the whole, but you can’t miss it.

Ctra. Higuera de Albalat
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We will be amazed by that large open doorway in the ground, inside is a medium sized room. We will be cool in summer and warm in winter, that’s what the interior of the earth has. We will see a very curious arch in the middle of the nave supporting the roof. Everything is whitewashed with a kind of cement called mortar, which by its consistency and hardness seems very old.

The truth is that we do not find a clear explanation for the effort made in its construction. Tradition tells us how it was used as a refrigerator… or as a wine cellar, but it is a unique originality in the whole territory. No similar constructions are found in other parts of these mountain ranges, which leads us to believe that their use last has been a reuse of a space created for a different purpose.

It is still to be investigated, but the first investigations tell us of a very intense mining exploitation in the whole area.he encounter with wildlife is very likely, both birds and small and large mammals such as deer. If our stay is done in silence and with a lot of respect, it is easy to make a very pleasant observation.

Drom here, we can continue down to the Ribera, enjoy the sound of the water, unique and unrepeatable views in one of the most interesting places from the environmental and scenic point of view of Extremadura.